Every one of our field and shop technicians are highly trained professionals with extensive experience working on all makes and models of forklifts and other materials handling equipment on all platforms - LPG, diesel or electric. Our service department can work with you to help reduce your downtime and increase your profitability. Call us now to get a free, no obligation quote.
We understand not everyone has the need or the budget for new equipment - that's why we carry a wide selection of pre-owned forklifts. Each of our forklifts have been expertly worked on and inspected by our trained technicians. All of our pre-owned and reconditioned forklifts comes with warranties ranging from 30 days up to one year, so you can be confident that you’re getting safe and reliable equipment. Call now or visit us online to see what is available in our current inventories.


Are your needs for an extra forklift limited to just the busy season? Do you want to keep your cash flow free for other purposes? Do the tax advantages of renting a forklift appeal to you? Renting may be an option for you. We offer  flexible short– and long-term rentals and our low rates include all normal maintenance and repairs Call us today to learn more.


Successfully maintaining your forklifts or any other type of materials handling equipment helps to reduce downtime and keeps operating costs to a minimum. We understand that every minute your unit is out of service, your bottom line is affected. Avoid production losses and schedule disruptions and increase the life span of your materials handling equipment by investing in a planned preventive maintenance program designed according to your specific needs and budget. Call now to learn more.


Trained forklift operators help create a safer work place, cause less product damage and tend to be more efficient. All of our operator training meets or exceeds both CSA and Ministry of Labour standards. Call us today to check class schedules and availability.   



A well-designed and well-planned warehouse or DC (distribution centre) results in a facility that operates efficiently, uses space effectively and maintains cost control. We offer complete services from the design phase through implementation to post project review. We are experts in warehouse design and reconfiguration and we can help you maximize storage efficiency, improve safety and  optimize productivity. Call today to learn more.